ATOMIC Aurum Block/Lineal Bracelet

ATOMIC Aurum Block/Lineal Bracelet


This gold triple chain bracelet features nine polished circles in a balanced formation. Fine 9ct yellow gold chain loops through each outer link of the Medi Block before joining at a bolt clasp.

The result is this refined bracelet - everyday jewellery at its best and most beautiful. Also featuring a Medi Lineal Unit, which can be used to extend the length of the bracelet or hang as a charm.

Medi Block approx 10.5mm x 10.5mm. Medi Lineal approx 18mm x 4mm. Overall bracelet length 7cm. Extension adds up to 1.5cm.

Handmade with care in Ireland. 

Follow our instructions to give your jewellery the care it deserves to keep it looking at its best. 

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